Sri Lanka Mirror turns 12 today!



‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ celebrates its 12th Anniversary today (Nov. 01).

The ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ website, which was launched as an bilingual e-news portal on November 1, 2010, has become one of the trend setting pioneers of the online media industry in Sri Lanka.

Thriving in an extremely competitive industry as a purely online news publication while retaining our integrity has been no easy feat.

However, we take pride in the fact that ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ has grown more as an opinion maker rather than a mere news provider throughout the year.

Ahead of our 12th anniversary, we opted for a fresh look in our desktop and mobile versions and going global with foreign collaborations from October 16 and we are excited to reach new dimensions together with our beloved readers within the next year.

As our tagline suggests, we aspire to remain on the side of the public always as an unbiased and independent news outlet, ensuring the public’s ‘Right To Know’, while contributing to their ‘Power To Change.’

Here’s to re- building Sri Lanka with new knowledge!

  • Mirror Editorial Team


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