Jul 27, 2020

Youth shouldn't target govt. jobs - Ravi

UNP leader of Colombo district - Ravi Karunanayake says that spineless politicians are the ones who had ruined the country.

inSpeaking during an exclusive interview with 'Sri Lanka Mirror', Mr. Karunanayake said that the public in Colombo had been with him for 26 years for giving a voice to the voiceless. He noted that although they might not always have answers, being with them when a crisis occurs, is what matters.

He also expressed confidence that the UNP is capable of emerging victorious despite the party splitting into two. However, he said that the split would limit their victory in the district to 8-9 seats. Commenting further on the split, he said that it was a 'wakeup call' and the party needed to meet the challenges and move forward.

Commenting on the call for young blood in blood, he said that a combination of youngsters and seasoned politicians are needed to move forward.  He also likened the UNP to a 'reservoir of talent'. Although a little water is spilled, the reservoir itself doesn't dry out, he pointed out.

Speaking on youth employment opportunities, Mr. Karunanayake pointed out that the present youth should identify their talents and focus on things such as entrepreneurship and other sectors rather than being hell bent on demanding a government job. He said that the government workforce is three times more than the actual requirement.

Pointing out that the local service sector contributes to 70% of the GDP, he also said that in order to take the country forward, a production based economy should be built.

The video of the complete interview is as follows :