Aug 14, 2018

Yala National park to be closed for two months

The Yala National Park will remain closed for visitors for two months from September 01 until October 31, the Wildlife Conservation Department said.

This period is the mating season and the animals are left undisturbed and thus the park is kept closed for visitors.

On a daily basis there are around 400 tour jeeps that enter the Yala national park zone 01 which hampers the freedom of the wild animals and their natural behaviours.

During the two month break, the Wildlife Conservation Department also intends to renovate the internal road network within the park and renovate the holiday bungalows and infrastructure facilities as well.

During this period wildlife enthusiasts can choose to visit Udawalawe, Maduru-Oya, Wilpattu, Wasgamuwa or Lunugamwehera national parks instead, the Wildlife Department said.