Aug 15, 2018

China prints Sri Lankan currency!

International media, citing Chinese media reports said that China was printing currency notes of several countries, including Sri lanka.

The currency notes of Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Brazil have been printed the Chinese Bank notes printing company Chairman had told a magazine, adding that his first order was received in 2015 from Nepal. 

Subsequently, China had received the other orders from the rest of the countries.

The Chinese currency printing institution is the largest in the world with an employee strength of around 18,000.

 Comments by the Central Bank

 When contacted, a Central Bank said that none of the Sri Lankan currencies is printed in China.

The spokesman also said that there was absolutely no connection with the Chinese company that prints currency.

Meanwhile, Indian media had also reported yesterday that India had also given permission for the Chinese company to print currency notes for India.

However, the Indian government too has denied these media reports.