Aug 17, 2018

Min. Duminda gives reasons why JO won’t be independent

The former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the other SLFP – MPs will not stand independently in parliament until the official term of the parliament has ended, SLFP National Organiser and Disaster Management and Irrigation Minister Duminda Dissanayake had told the ‘Divaina’ newspaper.

“They will not be independent as they would lose their MP posts. It was the Joint Opposition that said they would be independent, but they have not made any request from the SLFP,” he said.

“Those in the JO who boasted of becoming independent, now say that they would decide after seeking legal advice. Had they known the real meaning of being independent, they would not have made such silly statements,” Dissnayake further noted.

Decision handed over to GL!

The Joint Opposition party leaders had taken a decision on August 14 to appoint a committee under the leadership of  the JO Chairman Prof. G.L. Peiris and entrusted him with making the final decision on whether the JO-MPs would function as an independent group in parliament.

Prof. Peiris told the media that a report would be formulated very soon on the issues, legal implications and other obstacles that the JO would have to face if they decide to stand as an independent group in parliament, and this report would be handed over to the JO – MPs.

Joint Opposition MP Dallas Alahapperuma has been appointed as the Convenor of this committee.

The leader of the JO Dinesh Gunawardena and several other party leaders have also been included in this committee.

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