Aug 17, 2018

JO MPs will not become independent! Featured

MPs of the joint opposition have decided against becoming independent in parliament in order to obtain the opposition leader position, according to ‘Anidda.’

That is because even in such an eventuality, there are no legal provisions for the JO to secure the position.

At a meeting on August 14 between the JO leaders and the SLFP MPs, a committee was appointed to look into the matter.

Will be disadvantageous

However, Prof. G.L. Peiris noted then and there that it would be disadvantageous for them to become independent.

A JO leader said if they became independent, they risked losing their parliamentary seats, which will allow the SLFP to appoint its own members of parliament.

Meanwhile, a top parliament official said speaker Karu Jayasuriya has studied the local laws and the international traditions with regard to the opposition leader position.

The study has indicated that the JO could get the position only with the consent of the UPFA general secretary, as in the case of Nimal Siripala de Silva’s appointment as the opposition leader in 2015.

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