Aug 17, 2018

Suspicion whether Indian nuclear waste piled on our shores

Environmentalists have warned that the marine resources would be harmed due to the waste matter being washed ashore along the Puttalam coast.

Recently some clinical waste from Kerala, India had been discovered along the Puttalam coast. It was further reported that waste matter from India and other countries in the region had been discovered from the Northern, Eastern, Western and Wayamba coastal regions.

According to Environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam, this is the fish breeding season and such waste could pose a threat to the marine life of our country. He also warned that there was a threat of nuclear waste from India ending up in our coastal areas and if this happens, it could not only affect the marine life but also the lives of the people living in these areas.

Therefore, the environmentalists noted that immediate steps are needed internationally to prevent such waste matter ending up on our coastal shores.