Aug 18, 2018

JO preparing to defeat budget! Featured

The Joint Opposition has initiated the preliminary measures to formulate an agenda which would be acceptable to all political parties to defeat the budget in parliament.

The JO will prepare this agenda under the main issue of the delay in holding the Provincial Council elections which is undemocratic and a common agenda would be formulated with the aim of protecting the country’s democracy, instead of being caught up in petty party policies, Ratnapura district MP Ranjith de Soyza had told the ‘Mawbima’ newspaper.

He had noted that except for one political party, all other parties were against the delaying of the elections and all these issues would be included in the agenda to defeat the budget.

Ranjith Soyza said that initial discussions had been held with several party leaders representing the government and measures have been taken to hold talks with several UNP and SLFP MPs as well.

Several government party leaders and certain TNA members too have said that pressure should be exerted on the government, while Soyza said the defeating of the 2019 budget would be the ideal course of action towards this goal.