Dec 17, 2016

Menstruation leave for women- proposal to President Featured

In addition to the entitled leave, the Women’s and Children’s Bureau has forwarded a proposal to President Maithripala Sirisena to grant women a day leave during their menstruation, according to ministry sources.

This suggestion has been made, taking into consideration the pressure women face during their menstruation.

If a woman suffers immense pain and discomfort during the first two days of menstruation, women in certain parts of China have been granted the opportunity of taking a day or two off work through special laws.

Therefore it is leant that taking into consideration the plight of women in this country, it would be highly appreciated if such provisions would be made for them, the letter has suggested.

For the women in Sri Lanka in addition to the normal holidays under maternity leave they are entitled to 84 days are granted with full pay, another 84 on half pay and a further 84 days no pay.

To be announced on May 1:

This issue will be discussed with the President and Prime Minister and measures will be taken to grant the women of this country menstruation leave, according to Presidential Secretariat sources.

It is expected that a decision in this regard will be announced on Labour Day on May 1, 2017

However, although attempts were made to contact the Women’s and Children’s Affairs Minister and the Labour Minister to obtain their views with regard to this proposal, our efforts proved futile.