Aug 21, 2018

Cattle thief arrested!(pics)

The Puttalam Police had arrested a suspect who had been engaged in stealing cattle and killing them for their meat from the houses in the Thiladi, Palavi and several other areas in the Puttalam Police Division.

The police had found that this suspect is a resident of Chilaw and he had been engaged in stealing cattle and selling their meat through an organized criminal group. They said that the number of cattle stolen by the suspect cannot be calculated. ‍

During a raid conducted on August 18 by the Puttalam Police, they had taken into custody a bull being taken for slaughter and around 20 ice boxes and a Bolero cab.

The group had very discreetly been sneaking into cattle sheds and stealing an animal and killing it for its meat in a nearby jungle or isolated area.

The suspect faces cases filed at the Hettipola, Chilaw, Pullatam and other courts with regard to cattle thefts.

The Puttalam Police is investigating further.

 Pix by Priyankara Kalupahana – Puttalam Corr.