Dec 18, 2016

IR Dept. incentive payment delayed! Featured

There is serious suspicion that money in the inland revenue incentive fund are being used to pay salaries of the three Hong Kong nationals carrying out the restructuring of the Inland Revenue Department.

As a result, the payment of a six-monthly incentive payment to the employees has been delayed, say sources in the Department.

Employees’ suspicion has been confirmed by the fact that the authorities have failed at least to say when the incentive will be paid, that was due in June.

The inland revenue incentive fund has been established as per provisions in clause 210 of the inland revenue act no. 10 of 2006, and is being funded by a two per cent allocation from payments obtained from tax defaulters.

The twice a year allowance is 4 ½ times the salary.

Therefore, money for this payment does not have to be found from elsewhere, and the issue here is the uncalled for delay in the payment.

When trade unions made inquiries, authorities failed to give a clear answer.

As a mark of protest, the TUs staged a protest on December 15.

Thereafter, the commissioner general of the Department addressed the employees on the public address system and promised to add the payment to their salaries.