Aug 28, 2018

Devinuwara ‘Kalana’ to be taken over by the zoo

The elephant named ‘Kalana’ of the Devinuwara Vishnu Devalaya will be taken over by the Zoo, said the Director General of the Zoological Department Dhammika Malsinghe.

She said that ‘Kalana’ had not been taken care of properly and he had been abused.

He was placed without any protection from the weather, not bathed and cleaned, fed insufficiently and many of his needs had not been met. Hence the decision was taken to take him over and hand him to the Zoo to be taken care of properly, Malsinghe said.

She further noted that due to being tied to a tree for a long period of time, the chains had eaten into his flesh. Therefore, the Zoological Department Veterinarians headed by the Veterinary Director Chandana Rajapaksha had treated the animal’s wounds.

Malsinghe further noted that Kalana would be taken to the Hambantota Ridiyagama Safari park and treated.

Social media operation:

A broad social media campaign was launched over the mistreatment of Kalana which was sphere headed by journalist Daya Neththasinghe. 

Accordingly, the Wildlife officers had lodged a complaint at the Gandara Police yesterday (27) over the abuse Kalana was made to endure at the Devinuwara Devalaya.

Yesterday, Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma had gone to the location to check on the elephant ‘Kalana’ who had been tied to a tree in the Devalaya premises for three years.
The Deputy Minister then examined the elephant .

Wounds on the elephant’s legs:

The Deputy Minister having examined the elephant that had endured untold cruelty and abuse over the past three years, had ordered the wildlife officials to remove the animal from its current location and commence treatment.

According to our correspondent, although a group of veterinarians from the Pinnawela elephant orphanage had treated the wounds on the animal’s legs some time back, it had not healed due to the unhygienic environment in which the animal was kept. As a result it was evident to anyone as to how much pain the elephant was in.

In addition, as the elephant excrement was piling up opposite the Devalaya, it was emitting a bad odour. Therefore, the Deputy Minister instructed the officials to have the place cleaned up