Dec 18, 2016

Govt. proposes to setup special criminal justice commission Featured

Seventeen government ministers have proposed to the cabinet of the setting up of a criminal justice commission to speed up cases relating to serious acts of corruption and irregularities.

One of the signatories to the proposal, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, has told BBC Sandeshaya that there was public belief that the hearing of these cases was being delayed unduly.

A certain period is required to complete these cases within the existing legal framework, he has noted.

Those cases needed to expedited in order to reclaim the lost public money and punish the guilty parties, he has said.

Amunugama has pointed out that such commissions had been appointed during the regimes of Sirimavo Bandaranaike and J.R. Jayewardene.

In addition to speeding up the hearings, the commission will also give rulings and hand punishment, he said.

Expressing confidence that all ministers will support the move, he said draft legislation needs to be tabled in parliament for adoption in order to set up a criminal justice commission.