Sep 05, 2018

Petition against municipal commissioner’s reinstatement Featured

The people of Meetotamulla, aggrieved by the collapse of the garbage dump there, have petitioned the president and the prime minister against the reinstatement of V.K.A. Anura as Colombo municipal commissioner, who has been found guilty by an investigation into the matter.

As per the report of the investigation headed by former high court judge Chandradasa Nanayakkara, the then western province governor K.C. Logeswaran suspended Anura from March 02 this year.

However, present governor Hemakumara Nanayakkara reinstated him in the position on August 06.

The investigation report pointed to the absence of a proper mechanism to dispose the garbage of Colombo.

Also, a presidential commission questioned an unusual increase in the payments in 2015-16 to private companies that were involved in transporting the garbage from Kolonnawa and Meetotamulla areas.

The annual payments from 2014 to 2016 rose continually - Rs. 64 million, Rs. 182 million and Rs. 232 million respectively.