Sep 07, 2018

Wife abroad! Children alone! :Jagath dies during Jana Balaya

A participant from Kudagama, Hatton, who participated in the Jana Balaya protest rally, organized by the Joint Opposition on September 05 had died during the protest.

39-year-old Jagath Wimalasooriya is a conductor of a private bus.

The deceased had arrived in Colombo with some of his friends to take part in the protest rally yesterday, and parked the bus in Maligawatta area.

While marching en route to the Lake House Roundabout along with the rally, Wimalasuriya had complained that he was not feeling well and would return to his bus, according to one of his friends.

Around 6.15 pm when the group had returned and checked the bus, they had found Jagath dead on a seat of the bus.

His wife is employed overseas as a housemaid and they have two sons and a five year old daughter. The body of the deceased was placed at the Colombo national Hospital and the post-mortem examination was scheduled to be held yesterday (06).