Sep 07, 2018

Sexual bribes sought from female relatives of missing persons Featured

Incidents of sexual harassment and sexual bribes have taken place against female members of missing persons when they sought information or wanted certain administrative work done, according to an interim report by the Missing Persons Office.

The report, handed over to president Maithripala Sirisena on September 05, says these women had also become victims of violence.

It also cites conflicts of interests when the attorney general’s department appears as the respondent in some habeas corpus cases into the missing and as the prosecutor in the others.

Even officers harassed for volunteering information

The report goes onto claim that certain persons accused of enforced disappearances hold influential positions in the three armed forces and the police, and that they had harassed officers who had volunteered to supply information about disappearances.

Some accused officers continue to be in service despite ongoing cases against them, it says, and recommends to the president that such officers be suspended.

After accepting the report, the president said a cabinet subcommittee would be appointed to implement its recommendations, according to ‘Anidda.’