Sep 08, 2018

Polonnaruwa faces danger of crop destruction Featured

Due to the danger of pests attacking their crops, around 100,000 acres of paddy fields in Polonnaruwa are facing the danger of being destroyed, said the President of the Progressive Farmer Association Kaudulle Jayatissa.

Accordingly, around 10,710 acres of paddy cultivation in the Yala season has already been destroyed.

According to the Polonnaruwa Agriculture Deputy Director R.P. Upali, from the 50,625 acres of paddy cultivation around 50% has already been destroyed, while another 25% of another 40,000 acres has been damaged due to pests. He warned that this destruction due to pests could increase further.

It is also reported that around 14,000 acres of crops in the Ampara district has also been destroyed due to pests and the farmers are resorting to setting their fields on fire in an attempt to destroy these pests that are attacking their crops.

This pest attack has also affected the paddy cultivation in the Thambuththegama area of the Mahaweli H zone.

The farmers allege that due to the failure to provide them water at the right time, the pest infection has risen.

They also claim that these pests have now got immuned to the pesticides being used and it is no longer effective against these pests.