Sep 12, 2018

Fish die in Nandikadal lagoon

The fish in the lagoon near the Mulaithivu, Vattuwakal bridge had mysteriously died and was seen floating in the lagoon, according to the Mulaithivu fishermen engaged in fishing in the Vaattuwakal and Nandikadal lagoon.

The fish were seen dying over the past few days and previously too, during the drought a similar situation had arisen.

When contacted, the Mulaithivu Fisheries Inspectors Office said that during the drought the water level of the lagoon decreases increasing the flow of salty sea water into the lagoon which leads to the death of the fish.

They claim that due to the sea water entering the lagoon and the temperature of the water heating up under the prevailing hot weather, the fish cannot survive in such conditions.

Mulaithivu Fisheries Inspectors Office ruled out the possibility of any poisonous substance causing the fish to die.

Due to this situation the fishermen in the area are facing a dire situation.

Pics by Madhawa Kulasooriya – Vavuniya Corr.

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