Sep 15, 2018

Pakeer’s cocky comments comes under public ridicule! Featured

Upon the conclusion of the 12th South Asian Federation Football Championships held in Bangladesh, the statement made by the Sri Lanka football team coach Nizam Pakeer Ali, has come under surprise and ridicule by many.

Ali had stated that he would take on the responsibility of making Sri Lanka no. 01 in Football in the South Asian region by 2020.

In the two matches Sri Lanka participated which was held in Dhaka, Sri Lanka lost to India  2-0 and the second with Maldives, it ended in a draw with both teams failing to score.

Based on the first round results, a toss was taken between Sri Lanka and Maldives to choose the team that would progress to the semi-finals and Sri Lanka had lost the toss.

Considering the Sri Lankan teams performance at this championship, it would be a huge achievement for the team and Sri Lanka football, if Pakeer Ali can deliver on his assurance.

During the South Asian Federation Football Championships held in Nepal in 2013, Sri Lanka was defeated by the Maldives by 10-0 goals. Considering that defeat, the draw this year should be commended.

The President of the Football Federation of Sri Lanka at the time, Ranjith Rodrigo claimed that the defeat was due to a conspiracy by the former football authorities.

According to the current President of the Sri Lanka Football Federation Aruna de Silva, Sri Lankan football team has shown a clear improvement this year. However, Sri Lanka failed to score a single goal at this tournament and to win, goals need to be scored.  

According to the world football rankings too, Sri Lanka is at the bottom most position in 200th place. India is in 96th place with Maldives in 150th place.

The Sri Lanka national coach had said that at next year’s championships scheduled to be held in Nepal,Sri Lanka would show a clear improvement.