Sep 15, 2018

Another SLC TV scam revealed!

Information has surfaced of another scam by Sri Lanka Cricket to not give television broadcasting rights of the upcoming England tour of Sri Lanka to Rupavahini.

It is reported that SLC is preparing to grant broadcasting rights to TV One which  was known prior to July 2015 as Sports First.

TV One is said to not have island wide coverage and only covers around 48% of the country, it is reported.

Specially, this channel does not cover the North and East.

The map below confirms this.

TV oThe Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel covers 95% of the island.

This coverage is shown in the map below.


However, during the Sri Lanka tour of the West Indies, despite a marketing risk, it was the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation that broadcasted the cricket matches.

Padmasiri’s phone switched off

The appointed officer for SLC Sports Ministry Secretary Kamal Padmasiri was contacted several times to inquire about this issue, but he was not contactable.