Sep 26, 2018

Cable car soon from Belihul-oya to World’s End!

A cable car service will soon commence from Belihul-Oya to World’s end with aid from Dubai, said the Sabaragamuwa Governor Niluka Ekanayake.

She made this statement at the highest village in Sabaragamuwa, Nagrak village bungalow.

The Governor further said, “Belihul-Oya is a tourist destination and the Samanala-wewa adds to its attraction. World’s end can be accessed from this direction and we are in talks with the Dubai Government to construct a cable car service to worlds end from Belihul-oya which would be a huge boost to the tourism industry.”

“We have received the support of the intellectuals of the Sabaragamuwa University for this Venture. Further, a boat service would be initiated in the Samanala-wewa where the tourists could visit world’s end and also engage in a boat ride and enjoy the beautiful environment of this area.”

“When I spoke to the President about this venture, he said cable cars could be introduced to any location, except for Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak). Hence, I would take every measure to establish this project while I am still in office as the Governor,” she said.