Sep 29, 2018

Namal Kumara revelation: 'Prabhakaran' Director involved! Featured

Namal Kumara who revealed details of an alleged plot to assassinate the President and former Defence Secretary has revealed telephone conversation details of another conspiracy to the media.

He said at the press briefing held at his residence that Dan Priyasad who is levelling allegations against him has been engaged directly in transactions with a person by the name of Thushara Peiris who is residing in France. 

He made revelations about Thushara Peiris who he alleges is trying to instigate clashes in Sri Lanka from France.Yesterday, Namal Kumara revealed to the media telephone conversations between him and Thushara regarding an attack to be staged in the Batticaloa area. 

Meanwhile, he also revealed telephone conversations on plotting an attack to be staged on a meeting where a Muslim politician was to attend.

According to Police Headquarters sources, Thushara Peiris is the Director of the film ‘Prabhakaran’ which was screened in 2008.

He received sponsorship from the Rajapaksa government for the production of this film which severely criticised the LTTE activities.

Thushara who entered this field as a technician at a video production company, went to Rome to study the film industry in depth on a scholarship. Upon his arrival in the country, he embarked on the film ‘Prabhakaran’ which was an analysis of the child soldiers and suicide bombers.

Thushara Peiris had told media at the time that he had associated closely with a former LTTE suicide bomber named Nathan and he had used his experiences for the film.

Political asylum in France:

Prabhakaran film posterHaving produced the film under the orders of the Rajapaksa government, Thushara Peiris fled the country in 2010 and sought political asylum in France.

The film could be identified as a documentary depicting the cruel side of Prabhakaran, and Thushara portrayed his patriotism through the government media at the time but later told the French Government that he was seeking political asylum due to death threats from the government.

According to police headquarters information, while in France he had maintained close ties with EPDP members.

 Mediation of Hela Urumaya!

When Thushara had gone to India for the editing of the film “Prabhakaran”, he had been attacked by a group of LTTE sympathisers and the Jathika Hela Urumaya, which was a stakeholder of the Rajapaksa government, had condemned the attack.

Issuing a statement on March 28, 2008 the General Secretary of the Jathika Hela Urumaya Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera said all patriotic people should gather round Thushara Peiris who had done an anti-terrorist production to protect him and his works.

The statement is below.

Helauruma Sta