Sep 30, 2018

'Prabhakaran' Director, a puppet of Int. units? Featured

It has now been revealed that Thushara Peiris, who was mentioned in the latest revelation by Namal Perera on September 28th, has maintained close links with military intelligence units during the Rajapaksa era, sources from the police HQ say.

Peiris, who directed a movie named 'Prabhakaran' in 2008, had maintained close links with the military during the Rajapaksa era and this fact has been mentioned by himself to the media on several counts.

In early 2008, it was reported by 'Daily Mirror' that the film was watched by top officials from the President’s office, the Defence Ministry and the Army at the NFC in Colombo, after the film received Censor Board approval. The article has been reposted online by others since then.


When Thushara had gone to the Gemini Colour Laboratory in Chennai to make the Tamil version of the film he came under a mob attack, demanding that the film be destroyed. It was later reported by the 'Asian Tribune' that he had initiated a Satyagraha, demanding Indian and Sri Lankan governments' intervention to get back the copies of his film taken from him.


According to a report of 'The Island', the National Movement Against Terrorism, in a letter, had urged the then Indian High Commissioner Alok Prasad to help Sri Lankan film maker Thushara Peiris to collect copies of 'Prabhakaran'.


Why did he flee?

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', a senior police officer said that in such a backdrop of having had close relations with the military, it is suspicious as to why Mr. Peiris had sought political asylum from France after citing threats to his life.

Mr. Peiris had maintained close links with extremist organisations, while also portraying that he has links with the Tamil diaspora, the police officer added.

Noting that it is suspicious whether former officers of the military intelligence units had been behind this, the police officer added that further investigations are underway.

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