Oct 08, 2018

Strange coconut found in Puttalam!

A strange coconut has been found from the Puttalam, Palavi, Vannathivu area.

This strange coconut seems to have four halves and it was found at the home of James living in Palavi.

This was discovered when they were breaking the coconut as usual to make a sambol for breakfast.

James explaining what had happened said, “It is customary for us to make a sambol for breakfast and I broke the coconut to make this sambol. When I broke the coconut, I realised that this coconut was special and different to the regular coconuts. I called the rest of the family and showed it to them as well. This is the strangest coconut I have ever seen in my life.”

Pics by Priyankara Kalupahana – Puttalam Corr.