Oct 09, 2018

Sluice gates opened in Deduru-Oya, several others

Due to the heavy rains experienced in several areas including Puttalam, the sluice gates of the Deduru-Oya and Rajanganaya reservoir have been opened, according to the Puttalam Disaster management Unit.

Accordingly, four of the sluice gates of the Rajanganaya have been opened about one foot and one foot has been opened in one of the sluice gates of Deduru-Oya.

Further, with the opening of the Rajanganaya sluice gates, the water level of the shoe bridge Kala –Oya causeway on the old Mannar road has risen to three feet eight inches hampering the bus service on the Old Mannar road.

 Priyankara kalupahana – Puttalam Corr.