Oct 11, 2018

Why Prof. Somadeva’s licenses were cancelled Featured

Senior professor of archaeology Raj Somadeva lost his excavation licenses as he failed to produce the artifacts he has unearthed and to submit excavation reports, says director general of archaeology Prof. P.B. Mandawala.

Between 2010 and 2017, Prof. Somadeva was given 19 excavation certificates, and seven months ago he was informed that those licenses had been cancelled, says prof. Mandawala.

He also says certain remarks attributed to Prof. Somadeva are unbecoming of his profession.

When contacted, Prof. Somadeva refuted the allegations and said he had submitted the artifacts and reports at the Department’s request.

He said however, he was informed by the officials who studied them, that they were inadequate.

Prof. Somadeva said it was pointless to argue with persons who had knowledge in archaeology.

Having an archeology doctorate from a Scandinavian university, he is a senior professor at the postgraduate institute of archaeology at the University of Kelaniya.