Dec 23, 2016

'Next year's political challenge - a new constitution' Featured

A huge challenge will have to be faced when bringing about the new Constitution next year, Co-convener of the 'Purawasi Balaya' movement - Gamini Viyangoda says.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo yesterday (22) he said that everyone should be determined to overcome this challenge just as an impossible target was achieved during the 2015 polls.

Noting that no one needed to face another war, Mr. Viyangoda said that the national reconciliation plan should be formulated from within the constitution itself.

"It is nearly two years since the Good Governance government came to power. We have formulated several progress reviews. The 19th Amendment, the RTI ACT, a moderate reduction of Executive powers and independent commissions have all been brought in. Although they existed in the days of the previous regime, they were not executed. We are not saying that these things are done in a perfect manner. There are problems with regarding to certain individuals appointed."

However, a certain level of progress was marked. Although the freedom of speech and media is established, it was not without stains either.  There is much to be improved, he said.

When the President was elected to power in 2015, the masses had a deep faith over the bringing about of a new constitution, he added.