Oct 13, 2018

Cabinet paper to increase water bills by 15% Featured

A Cabinet paper was submitted by the Minister of City Planning and Water Supply Rauff Hakeem on October 02,  for a 15% increase per unit of pipe bourne water supplied by the Water Board, it is reported.

The minister had pointed out that the water charges had not been increased over the past eight years and under this situation the Water Board is experiencing heavy losses.

However, according to City Planning and Water Supply ministry sources, the Water Board is aiming at increasing its annual income of Rs. 23 billion to 30 billion.

However, the senior Cabinet ministers had objected to this proposal stating that this proposal should be given further thought.

Accordingly, the President had decided to appoint a committee to study the proposal for the increase of water bill charges.

Meanwhile, State Minister Lucky Jayawardena told media that such a proposal had not been made.

He added, however, that under the current circumstances, water charges should be increased.