Oct 15, 2018

Landslide washes away 5 houses into Castlereigh reservoir (Pics)

An area of around 100 feet in the Norwood Nimweligama area along the Hatton Bogawanthalawa Balangoda - Maskeliya main road had been washed into the Castlereigh reservoir around 11.30 this morning.

The landslide had also destroyed five houses in the area.

Due to the threat of landslides, 23 residents of these houses had been permanently evacuated from the Nimweligama area.

By this morning, the main road had sunk about 10 feet and by 11.30 am a large section of the upper mountain had collapsed causing the landslide.

Several other houses in the vicinity had also become vulnerable to landslides.

(Pics : Ranjith Rajapaksha – Hatton Corr.)