Oct 16, 2018

Street names change in the North

With the Northern Chief Minister instructing his officers to give priority to the Tamil language on street name boards and to refrain from translating the names into Sinhala and to name them as they are, many of the new road signs were seen with these changes, but it is reported that there are many complications.

The Chief Minister had noted as an example that there is no village known as Nagadeepa and it should read as Nainativu.

He also said that as many foreigners visit the North, the street signs should first be displayed in Tamil then English and thirdly in Sinhala.

Based on the Chief Minister’s request many of the village names and street signs are currently in the process of being changed.

However, the Sinhala population in the North claims that in some areas the names in Sinhala have been totally distorted and makes no sense.

They said that no matter what order the names are displayed, but when adding the Sinhala names, they should at least obtain the assistance of a person who knows the language.

pics- Neth news

Tamail Sinhala 1

Tamail Sinhala 2

Tamail Sinhala 3

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