Oct 16, 2018

Fast campaign for the missing, continues

The families of those who were reported missing during the war had launched a protest which reached 600 days without any progress. Hence these families of the missing had held a religious service at the Kandasamy Kovil in Vavuniya yesterday (15) and later staged a protest opposite the Vavuniya Post Office.

The relatives of these missing persons said they had staged a protest on January 23, 2017 seeking information regarding their missing loved ones.

At that time a government representative had arrived and assured them that they would be given some information about their missing relatives within two weeks, but it’s been 600days since, and still the government has failed to provide any information regarding their missing relatives.

They claimed that even the TNA had promised them solutions to their issue but only used it to obtain their votes and have failed to provide them any relief. Therefore, they said the families of the missing persons would stage a continuous fast until they receive some information regarding their missing family members.

The said that they are ready to present their problem to the United Nations Human Rights Council with the hope that they would receive some relief on the missing persons issue.



Pics by Madawa Kulasooriya – Vavuniya Corr.