Oct 16, 2018

Anandi Sasidharan to form a new party

Northern Provincial Councilor Anandi Sasidharan said she would set up a new party under her leadership targeting the future elections.

Her new party would be known as the Eile Thamil Suyachchi Kalaham or Eilam Tamil Independent Organization.

She claimed that under the present situation, no solution could be expected for the issues affecting the Tamils in the North and east. Therefore, she intends to form her new party with the aim of providing relief to the Tamils of the North and East.

Anandi Sasidharan contested the Northern Provincial council elections in 2013 and was the only female to win her seat representing the ITAK in the Jaffna district.

After the Provincial Council elections, she had been working with the ITAK but fell out with the party as she opposed the no confidence motion brought against NPC Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

Subsequently, she gave her support to the Tamil People’s Council headed by Wigneswaran.

Based on the issues facing the NPC members she was appointed as the Northern Province Women’s and Children’s Affairs Minister by the Provincial Chief Minister.

Sasidharan is the wife of LTTE Vavuniya and Trincomalee leader Elilan.

She said that her new party would contest all upcoming elections, adding that she would muster all forces to fight against the TNA political moves.

 Madawa Kulasooriya – Vavuniya Corr.