Oct 17, 2018

Mannar mass grave skeletal parts to be sent to US

Court approval had been granted for the skeletal parts found in the mass grave site in Mannar to be sent to the USA for testing and carbon dating, according to the JMO conducting the investigations Dr. Shaminda Rajapaksha.

It is now around 89 days since the excavations commenced and so far of the 185 skeletal remains excavated, 179 complete skeletons had been found and it is now in the safe cusatody of the Mannar courts.

He said, “Currently we are excavating and later we would do the analysis. Earlier we requested court to grant permission to send these remains for carbon dating to the US. According to that request court had granted permission.”

“Now we must decide what sort of skeletal parts we should send. We have decided to send these parts to a company in Florida, USA and we should discuss and decide what sort of parts should be sent and in what quantity,” he said.

The skeletal remain was discovered during the demolition of the Sathosa stores complex in Mannar and the soil had been taken to a place in Emilnagar and the skeletal parts were discovered there, which led to the investigations.

The police had notified the Courts and the excavations commenced under the orders of the Mannar Magistrate A.G. Alex Rajah.

Currently the excavations are taking place under the orders of the current Magistrate T. Sarwanarajah under the supervision of JMP Dr. Samindra Rajapaksha.