Oct 19, 2018

Nattandiya members attend session in new vehicle (pics)

The UPFA, SLFP and Independent members of the Nattandiya Pradeshiya Sabha had come for the sessions today (19) in bullock carts and in a procession.

The Pradeshiya sabha members had gathered at the Nattandiya town and some had come in bullock carts while the others marched to the Nattandiya Pradeshiya Sabha sub-office in Hattiniya for the monthly council meeting.

According to the Chairman of the Nattandiya Pradeshiya Sabha Attorney Nilantha Fernando this march was organized in protest of the constant fuel price increase and other corruption under the Good Governance government.

SLFM member Nimal Tissera said that even though he is a member representing a government party, he would take leadership against what is wrong and to topple the government.

(Pics Jude Samantha – Puttalam Corr.)






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