Dec 24, 2016

'Won't make H'tota a Chinese Colony' Featured

Minister of Fisheries - Mahinda Amaraweera has said that the the government has no intention of making the Hambantota area a 'colony' of China, as accused by some.

Rejecting claims that one million Chinese nationals were going to be granted visas to work in the Hambantota Investment Zone, the minister added that the lands of locals in the region will not be taken over for new development projects.

The General Secretary of the UPFA was speaking to 'BBC Sandeshaya' on the government's stance over the public protests by residents that had continued on this regard.

"We have decided to build the industrial zone on barren land. Also, we shall certainly not grant 15,000 acres from Hambantota," he had emphasised.

Recently, minister of Housing - Sajith Premadasa too had emphasised that that the hereditary land of the Hambantota area will not be taken for development projects.

Infuriating the public

However, the government stakeholder - Jathika Hela Urumaya charges that the China Merchant company which had purchased the Hambantota Port had applied for visa of one million Chinese nationals through the Chinese government.

Speaking at a protest in Hambantota, convenor of the National Trade Union Center - K.D. LalKantha too, charged that the global powers were attempting to swallow Sri Lanka behind the farce of industries.

Responding to these claims, Mahinda Amaraweera said that certain groups were attempting to gain political mileage by infuriating the public.