Oct 23, 2018

24 SLFPers in govt. will not join a UNP govt. - Amaraweera Featured

The 24 SLFP MPs and ministers in the government will definitely not be party to a government by the UNP, says UPFA general secretary Mahinda Amaraweera.

He said so in a speech to a workshop for SLFP female councilors in the western province.

Amaraweera said the 24 SLFP members in the government wanted to prevent the country from becoming destabilized.

He also said that contrary to claims in newspapers, he doubted if the government could be overthrown easily.

He said that he too, wanted to see that a SLFP government was formed, but stressed that there was a proper way of doing that.

But, the reality is that neither the SLFP nor the UNP is capable of forming a government of their own, Amaraweera added.