Oct 24, 2018

Rise in excise raids increases govt. revenue

The Excise Department officers had carried out 36,369 raids during the past nine months throughout the country and had earned Rs. 141,440,400 in court fines, said the Excise spokesman Kapila Kumarasinghe.

This is an increase is 1630 more than the raids carried out in 2017.

During the raids, 1482 illegal Kasippu manufacturing places, 21691 sales outlets and 4568 instances of illegal transportation of Kasippu were done during the past nine months.

During the raids, 1674 incidents of sale of heroin and possession of heroin were caught during that period. Further 2657 arrests were made over the possession and sale of Cannabis and 3354 raids in connection with illegal cigarettes and 700 cases of illegal possession of beedi was also carried out during this period.

In addition, the excise officers had also implemented the law in relation to licenced taverns. Accordingly, 2686 places with licences were fined for various wrongs.

From 2017, January to September legal action was initiated against 3260 taverns and the Excise Commissioner said that due to the assistance of the public in notifying them of the various illegal activities being carried out at these places, there has been a significant decrease in such illegal activities.

( Jude Samantha – Puttalam Corr.)