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Dec 24, 2016

Govt. to create a 'Batman' - Mahanama Featured

By bringing in the Development (Special Provisions) Bill for only 03 years, the government has accepted that they will be in power for that period only, says senior lecturer of the University of Colombo - Dr. Prathiba Mahanama.

Speaking to a weekend newspaper, he said that even if the Bill is passed in February, it will take another six months to establish the institution.

He added that the Act will set up a council which cannot be sued or challenged by a civil or criminal court.

Noting that a 'super minister' will emerge in this manner, Dr. Mahanama charges that the government is attempting to create a 'Batman'.

Forgetting roots

Dr. Mahanama says that although the government was elevated to power by Buddhist monks, Trade unions, civil society as well as mainstream and social media, they are now forgetting these groups who backed them then, while kicking 'Good Governance' altogether by favouring their relatives and friends, just like the previous regime.

What Good Governance needs is definitely not a policy where Lands and national assets are sold off, relatives are being given priority and school mates are being given positions, he adds.

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