Dec 25, 2016

IGP’s private media ban, a foolish decision – Kusal Perera Featured

Civil society activists strongly disapprove of a decision taken by police chief Pujith Jayasundara to stop the dissemination of news to private media and not to invite them for any media briefing by his department.

It is completely wrong for him to impose bans on all private media just because one of them had carried how he answered a telephone call he had received while at a public platform in Ratnapura.

The web journalists association told Sri Lanka Mirror that it would amount to a violation of the right to information.

Senior journalist Kusal Perera of DecentLanka 2015 told SLM it was a foolish decision taken by the IGP to impose a ban on all private media.

He should not have taken exception to the media’s having carried how he answered a telephone call, said Perera.

What he should have done was to say that he could not avoid answering the phone call, as he had received it from such and such a person on such and such a matter.

IGP isn’t prepared to say he is under govt. pressure

The police chief is not prepared to say that he is under pressure from this government too, over his duties, said the senior journalist.

The entire country now knows it was minister Sagala Ratnayake who had given the call, and he has not yet accepted the challenge made in parliament by Anura Kumara Dissanayake to say it was not him who had given the call.

Civil society activists, who should speak against the minister are leveling accusations against the IGP, which amounts to an attempt to save the government, and the police chief too, has become a party to that, he said.

Using positionto exact personal revenge

Meanwhile, president of the national movement for the protection of consumer rights Ranjith Vithanage has written to president Maithripala Sirisena, accusing the IGP of using his position to exact personal revenge.

Given below is the letter sent to the president:

To president police