Oct 31, 2018

EU dignitaries put off visits to Sri Lanka Featured

Colombo-based top foreign diplomats urged a convening of parliament in view of the prevailing political situation in Sri Lanka, when they met with speaker Karu Jayasuriya today (31).

Attending the meeting were UN resident coordinator Hanaa Singer, ambassador for the EU Tung-Lai Margue, British high commissioner James Dauris, Canadian ambassador David McKinnon and German ambassador Jorn Rohde, says a statement issued by the speaker’s office.

Expressing concern over the unexpected political transformation, they pointed out the adverse consequences Sri Lanka may face as a result.

Speaker told them that he would be meeting the president for discussions and urged them not to hasten into taking action, diplomatic or otherwise, against Sri Lanka.

visits postponed

Meanwhile, reports say the EU is to reconsider if Sri Lanka should continue to receive the GSP plus export concession.

In view of the prevailing political situation, several top EU dignitaries and officials have put off until February 2019 their scheduled visits to the island.

Among them is the president of an European country.

Given below is the statement:

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