Nov 03, 2018

Here is Speaker’s intended course of action! Featured

If the President fails to convene parliament on November 7th, the Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said he would  take measures to convene parliament using his powers, ‘Lanka News Web’ reportIt stated that as per the request made by the MPs the Speaker has the authority to reconvene parliament and has the legal provisions to do so. Hence he would take a stern decision, the report said.

The Speaker had said that the President has been given the powers to convene parliament under the democratic structure.

Jayasuriya had noted that while he would intervene to protect parliamentary democracy, no one would be allowed to act against the constitution.

Yesterday a letter was handed over to the Speaker with 118 signatures, urging him to reconvene parliament expeditiously. 

The UNP, JVP, TNA and SLMC party representatives had attended this meeting. 

The request by the 118 MPs
karuDuring a meeting with party leaders at the Parliamentary complex last afternoon (02), the Speaker said President Sirisena had notified him that he would convene parliament on the 7th
But, what the Speaker had said was that the President had told him he would convene parliament on the 7th but he had not issued a gazette notification in this regard.

However, the Speaker said that he believed and hoped that parliament would be reconvened on the 7th.