Nov 08, 2018

Speaker to test majority when parliament convenes on 14th

Sri Lanka's Speaker has decided to suspend the standing orders and test the majority when the parliament reconvenes on the 14th, a statement issued by the Speaker's Media Office said.

The decision was taken at an unofficial meeting of party leaders held Wednesday (November 7), at the Speaker's office to determine the agenda of Parliament on the 14th.

The UPFA Government's stand on the day's agenda was to adjourn the parliament for the day after the Secretary General of Parliament read President's order to reconvene parliament.

Other party leaders have held a contrary opinion, and pointed out that in addition to the parliamentary business for the day, the majority opinion to establish a stable government should be tested.

Secretary of parliament reading of the quorum of the Hon. President's address by the day had to be closed and the congregation should be postponed on that day.

Considering the arguments from both sides, the Speaker stated that he would act in accordance with the opinion of the 116 Parliamentarians, who had in writing requested him to reconvene the parliament, and decided to suspend the Standing Orders and allow the majority to decide on the possibility of forming a stable government.

The Speaker emphasized that through establishing a majority government, the recent collapse in the foreign investment and stock market, as well as the adverse effects on the economy due to the current political crisis will be averted and a credible position of the country can be restored.


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