Nov 08, 2018

'Mahinda accepted premiership as he has majority'

Mahinda Rajapaksa accepted the premiership as he has the support of a parliamentary majority of 113 MPs, claims MP Kumar Welgama.

However, there are two persons claiming the position, and the country should know who is the real prime minister, he told the media.

Could've been better if..

It could have been better had Rajapaksa been appointed in accordance with the constitution, he said, adding they could either have defeated the budget, or waited for 12 more months and won at the general election.

The result is the country has become unstable, he said, adding that he was happy Rajapaksa got the position, but sad that about the country’s plight.

Welgama said further that he would function independently in parliament and would vote for Rajapaksa when needed.