Nov 08, 2018

Racketeer who used airport toilet as office, remanded

A person who had posed as a customs officer and engaged in a gold biscuit racket in the airport area had been arrested by the Negombo Division Crimes Unit.

The racketeer, who is a taxi driver, had used the airport toilet as his headquarters and had earned millions by engaging in this racket.

He had been engaging in a fake gold biscuit racket at the airport and police had busted this operation based on a tip-off.

A woman had provided information to an Ayurvedic doctor that a customs officer was selling gold biscuits at the Katunayake airport at a low price and he had notified the police.

Later, a policeman disguised as a buyer had approached the crook and he had told the buyer to come to the toilet in the exit terminal. The fraudster had then come in customs attire and produced the fake gold biscuit and asked for Rs. 500,000. When the disguised police officer was giving him the money and accepting the gold biscuit, the suspect was arrested.

The 52-year-old suspect Mohideen Mohomed Hussain is a resident of Anamaduwa and the police have launched a broad investigation to arrest the others involved in this organized racket.

Further investigations are being carried out by the Negombo Crimes Unit.

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