Nov 09, 2018

Tank bund collapses, several missing

The Nittakekkulama tank bund in the Mulaithivu, Muhudubadapaththu, Kumulamunai area had collapsed and several persons living in the vicinity are reportedly missing, according to residents.

A father, mother and their child had been living near the tank and residents claim that they are missing.

Investigations are currently underway in search of this missing family and others who were engaged in cultivations in the vicinity of the tank.

When contacted, the Mulaithivu Disaster Management Centre said around six persons are reportedly missing and a search operation is underway by the army soldiers to find the missing persons.

The residents claim that due to the breach in the tank bund, all the farms in the area have gone under water and if the rains continue, all the fields in the area could be in danger of being destroyed.

After 35 years the tank was renovated this year at a cost of Rs. 15 million but it had broken again despite the renovation.

The farmers said that unless the tank is repaired fast, it could completely drain out and dry. The depth of this tank is around 13 feet.

According to the Mulaithivu DMC officers, due to the heavy rains and flooding many houses in the area have gone under water.

 Pics by Madhava Kulasuriya- Vavuniya Corr.