Dec 28, 2016

'IGP's phone call exposed secret' Featured

The controversial telephone call received by the IGP some time ago has exposed a secret, says convener of the National Movement for a Just Society Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya.

He has told BBC Sandeshaya that that telephone call confirmed as a fact that the Rajapaksa loyalists were being given protection by the incumbent government.

Sarathwijesuriya 670px 28 12 16Neither the president nor the prime minister have failed to fulfill just one promise they had given, despite civil society activists, who had shouldered the regime change on January 08, had met both on 19 different occasions to raise their concerns, Prof. Wijesuriya said.

At all of these meetings, both the president and the PM listened to our complaints and spoke in a friendly manner, but unfortunately none of their promises have been met, he went onto say.

He said that the main prevailing issue they saw was creating national reconciliation, for which a new constitution was needed, but a clear cut agenda for that is yet on sight.

Both the government and the opposition are only worried about how to grab power in 2020, he charged, and asked as to whether this coalition government existed merely to import super luxury vehicles for MPs and to raise their salaries.

Responding to a question over his alleged silence with regard to the corrupt in the present regime, he noted that the defence secretary has sent him a letter of demand seeking Rs. 100 million for having criticized him.