Nov 28, 2018

Another resolution against Mahinda tomorrow!

Without a majority there is no way to rule a country and Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa need to be shown this fact. Hence a proposal to suspend financial allocations for the Prime Minister would be presented to parliament tomorrow (29), said UNP-MP Ajith P. Perera. 

Addressing a media briefing at Temple Trees yesterday, he said the illegal government coined together by Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Rajapaksa without parliamentary majority, public mandate and undemocratically, have over the past month, been unable to pass any proposal in parliament and is now boycotting parliament, much to the amusement of the country and internationally.

Over the past month, they have only managed to bring a maximum of 86 MPs to parliament. Therefore, Perera said, Rajapaksa should protect the little dignity and respect left and go home.
He noted that the UNP had got stronger since October 26 and although the President is trying to create a division within the UNP, the party as the UNF is forging ahead stronger than ever and have increased their support from 122 to 123, which he said is expected to rise even higher.