Dec 05, 2018

Date yet to be fixed for Mahinda appeal hearing Featured

The Supreme Court is yet to decide on a date to take up an appeal filed by Mahinda Rajapaksa against a Court of Appeal issued interim injunction against his functioning as the prime minister, as well as that of the 49-member cabinet.

A two-member CA bench on December 03 gave the order in consideration of a petition filed by 122 MPs, and issued notice to the respondents to make submissions on December 12.

CA Chairman Preethi Padman Surasena questioned the basis for the respondents to hold the offices since two no-confidence motions had been passed against them.

He also said the respondents should explain under what legal authority they hold their offices.

 104616557 catakeInterim injunctionThe CA chairman said the implications on the country both locally and internationally would be taken into consideration.

The appeal by Rajapaksa cites the 122 MPs of the UNP, TNA, JVP, SLMC and the SLPC as respondents.

The appellant claims the CA order is unconstitutional and that the court has no powers to issue such an order.

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