Dec 08, 2018

B. Onion farmers from frying pan into the fire over government crisis! Featured

The Agriculture Ministry had purchased around 10,000 kg of Big Onion seeds from the Central Province farmers for the propagation of Big Onion cultivation, but to date these farmers had not been paid for their seeds, it has been revealed.

A kilo of big Onion seeds is estimated at Rs. 9,000.

The Ministry had agreed to pay Rs. 4,500 while the farmer would have to pay only Rs. 4,500 for a kilo of seeds with the aim of encouraging farmers to grow big onions.

The big onions that was cultivated in the past Yala season has already been harvested, but the money for the seeds have still not been paid to them.

In the Matale district alone 1,700 farmers have to be paid Rs. 13.4 million.

Currently some farmers have been issued cheques, but this too to the buyer and not the seller.

Some farmers have been paid for just a few kilos of seeds instead of the stock of seeds sold.

When contacted, the Matale District Deputy Agriculture Director Mahinda Dodanwala said that the funds for all the seeds have already been received, but the cheques would be issued once the issue is sorted out.