Dec 09, 2018

JVP to propose punishment for political conspirators Featured

The JVP is preparing to submit a draft bill to parliament soon for the appointment of a commission to punish the conspirators who violated the constitution and destabilized the country.Seeking to find out the conspirators and their allies, the draft bill will be presented as a private member’s motion.

JVP propaganda secretary Vijitha Herath has also told ‘Irida Divaina’ that they would implement a four-pronged road-map on the prevailing crisis as well.

They include a demand for the withdrawal of the gazette notification for the dissolution of parliament and taking follow-up action with regard to the draft bill presented to parliament to abolish the executive presidency.

Cannot find solutions from court decisions alone

Meanwhile, JVP national organizer Bimal Ratnayake told a media briefing yesterday that court decisions alone cannot find solutions in a country having rulers who do not respect court rulings, constitution or democracy and are without political ethics.

He warned the conspiracy unleashed by president Maithripala Sirisena would not end even after the court ruling is given.

Ratnayake accused president Sirisena of being the perpetrator of the political crisis and the situation of anarchy.

Noting that the president was using his executive powers to disregard the parliament, constitution and the judiciary, he said the abolition of the executive presidency should happen essentially.

The full media briefing:

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